Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Outdoor Extravaganza

After the main event, consider hosting a fun outdoor activity that is sure to draw a crowd. Attractions may include face painting, pony rides and a bounce house rental. Creating these three distinct stations ensures that there will be an event for every age group.

The face painting station is a good choice for small children or those that are not yet of walking age. After choosing an image from a designated list, a professional face painter can re-create the image on a cheek, nose or forehead.

Pony rides will be a popular choice for toddlers and younger children. To ensure a safe, fun ride for everyone, be sure to display a list of dos and dont’s outside of the pony ride area. Also, let parents know that they are required to stay with their child.

Bounce House Rentals

Older children will have a grand time in the bounce house rental. Let them burn off some of that excess energy as they bounce to their hearts content. For safety, try to limit the number of bounce house rental participants to a few at a time. If there are lots of children waiting, it may work best to allow each group to bounce for a specified amount of time, maybe three minutes. After this time, the next group gets a turn and those children are welcome to get back in line.

No matter what events you choose to have at your outdoor extravaganza, be sure to stress to parents that children should be supervised at all times. Besides bounce house rental, Bounce House 4 Fun also rent popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone machine, so your bounce house party can be even more amazing!

Mini Triathlon Event

This bounce house rental event is perfect for sport or swimsuit-themed retail establishments. To ensure maximum participation, this event can be advertised online with community calendars or the store website, on-site with flyers and also in the local newspaper. Much like a traditional triathlon, this event will be divided into three parts. There is lots of freedom for creativity here. Consider starting the event off with a short race and then have participants put on sports gear while bouncing on a bounce house. For the final event, children can slide through the finish line on an inflatable water slide. This exciting activity provides an excellent opportunity to promote fitness gear and swimwear.

Bounce Boot Camp

Another creative idea for a kid-friendly event at a fitness themed retail establishment is a military style bounce boot camp. A bounce house rental and a “drill sergeant” are all it takes to pull this idea off. Make room for the bounce house rental by blocking off a part of the parking lot. In addition to the event area, it may also be a good idea to designate waiting and spectator areas. In the waiting area, be sure to display a list of rules for the bounce boot camp. This should include rules that address personal safety on the bounce house and guidelines for use of the bounce house rental.

Prior to the bounce house rental event, come up with a few creative exercises for children to perform during Bounce Boot Camp. Some ideas may include jumping jacks, one-legged jumps, belly bounces, backward bounces, etc. These exercises should be easy to understand and quick to learn.

Bounce House Rental Party

Bounce House 4 Fun in Davie also provide for rent Foam and Bubble machine, for rental parties outside with bounce houses, combos, Toddlers bouncing and water slides. With professional and reliable service, Bounce House 4 Fun rental serve all Palm Beach, Broward and Miami areas in South Florida.

For the “drill sergeant” consider having a manager or outgoing employee dress up in camouflage and military colors. With a whistle, this person will serve as the emcee for the event. As the “drill sergeant” blows his or her whistle, have children enter the bounce house rental in groups of 5 or 6. The “drill sergeant” will playfully give a list of commands for the children to follow. Instead of having judges for this competition, make this event more competitive by having eliminations.

Bounce House Rentals Event

This bounce house rental activity would work well as an entertainment option or as its own event. To draw an even larger audience, this event could easily be promoted through a school or in partnership with a bounce house rental company that specializes in whole foods or healthy living. In fact, events like this that could be used to combat childhood obesity can easily gain county or city sponsorship. Not only could this help a business reach a broader audience, but it can also reduce costs associated with the event.

With any business, establishing a relationship with customers is the best way to ensure customer loyalty. By creating a place where parents feel comfortable bringing their children, companies can increase the likelihood that families will frequent their stores. These fun, affordable entertainment bounce house rental ideas provide simple ways to make any business event more kid friendly.

Cities that we usually serve for Bounce House Rentals and inflatable rentals : Coral Springs, Miami, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Tamarac, Sunrise, Davie, Boynton Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Greenacres, coconut creek, parkland, tamarac, sunrise, oakland park, lauderhill, plantation, weston, davie, miami gardens, hialeah, boynton beach, greenacres, lantana, royal palm beach, wellington, lake worth, riviera beach, delray beach, welleby park, tradewinds park, lauderdale-by-the-sea, cooper city, lighthouse point, John Prince Park, Melrose Park, Miramar Regional Park.

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